New Faces in the Game | Teams welcome new coaches during pandemic [Photo 1]

Defensive Line Coach Chris Rosselot, Head Softball Coach Angie Bain and Head Basketball Coach Brian Lebowitz.

This new school year has been marked by many changes, including a few new faces to the athletic coaching staffs.

The softball, football and basketball teams all welcomed new coaches before the fall season began.

Angie Bain, new head softball coach, joined the Grizzlies this fall after spending two seasons as an assistant softball coach at Butler University. Bain was a multi-sport athlete in high school, playing basketball, soccer and softball.

Both Bain and her husband are Indiana natives. Staying in the Midwest was a goal for them, along with Bain’s desire for a head coaching position.

“It was always going to have to be the right situation to kind of get me out of Butler,” Bain said. “When I interviewed and learned more about Franklin it proved to be that right situation.”

Not only did Bain take on a new position but she and her husband are expecting to deliver their baby Nov. 7.

Softball isn’t the only sport with a new head coach. President Kerry Prather left behind a legacy when he took the position as president, leaving an open seat for the basketball team.

Brian Lebowitz, former assistant basketball coach, filled Prather’s position as head coach.

"He's very well prepared. I think he's going to do great. My benchmark on coaching positions is, 'Would I want my son or daughter to play for him?' And I absolutely would," Prather said.

While working at Franklin Col- lege, Lebowitz has learned how to lead student-athletes.

The football team has several coaches to assist with the offensive, defensive and special teams.

The new defensive line coach, Chris Rosselot, said Franklin College’s athletic program has a “winning culture that is pretty reflective in a lot of different areas on campus and that is something that is really important and Franklin does really well.”

As a strength and conditioning coach, Rosselot has had the opportunity to work with students from other sports teams. Seeing how the differ- ing personalities and team cultures fit together is an interesting part of Rosselot’s job.

When he is not on campus, Rosselot enjoys spending time with his family and his Mastiff, Baner, which he compares to the dog from the movie “The Sandlot."

Among the challenges of finding a new sense of normal, these coaches are stepping in during a time of uncertainty, with the spring sports season not guaranteed.

All spring sports were canceled mid-season when the college shut down in March. Fall sports were canceled in August, having their seasons moved to the spring.

COVID-19 may affect the season, but these coaches come armed with a plan for keeping their student-athletes safe.

Bain intends to follow the Fortify Franklin plan, which says teams will meet in small groups whenever possible, maintain social distancing and wear a mask when they are able. This also means athletes are randomly selected biweekly to be tested for COVID-19. Bain said because of these plans, she holds her athletes to the highest standard.

“We are trying to be very cautious,” Bain said. “We’ll just continue to follow the guidelines. The players have been doing a great job following the plan and buying into that. I commend them for that.”

Rosselot feels as though we are at the edge of having to be prepared and be flexible for possible changes in the plan as new challenges develop.

“The biggest thing is we need to work together and take it in stride to get us back to a sense of normality,” Rosselot said.

Normalcy may be a foreign concept to many students at this time, but their coaches are working to make sure their college athlete experience is the safest and most close to normal it can be at this time.

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