Women’s basketball is on track for more success than last year 

By Gauge Creech


The Franklin College Women’s Basket- ball team was recently chosen to finish fifth in the Heartland Collegiate Athletic Conference tournament by league coaches. 

This is an improvement from last year, when the team finished eighth in the confer- ence with a record of 6-12. 

When asked about what kept them from placing higher last season, Head Women’s Basketball Coach Dana Haggenjos, sophomore Britney Ballard, and sophomore Jessica Nix all said the team was very young. 

With only one junior and one senior, the team was a majority of newcomers who had to learn to play as a team. 

“Our youth showed in those games,” Haggenjos said. “We need to use and learn from the experiences we had last year and put those to use this year.” 

So far, the team has had two scrimmages. Nix said that the first scrimmage was a struggle, simply because it was very early in the season. With only five practices to prepare, it was very sudden. 

The second scrimmage went much better, according to Nix. “We looked and played like more of a team than we did last year,” she said. 

One major thing a team has are goals, and all three had large but achievable goals. 

Ballard’s main goal is to finish in the top of the conference. 

“I would love to win the conference tournament and make it to the NCAA tournament,” she said. “That is my ultimate goal.” 

Haggenjos said she has a goal as well. 

“Obviously I am hoping to do better than last season,” she said. “We lost multiple games by single digits, and my goal is to turn those over to our favor.”

Haggenjos also wants to get back into the conference tournament.

She said that they have to put more pressure on themselves this year because they know what they are capable of. 

“If we maintain our focus, I know it can be done,” she said. 

Nix also wants the team to make it to conference, but she had a couple of other ideas for the team as well. She wants to work on being a team, and teamwork in general. She wants to be able to handle tough games and situations as a unified team as well. 

The women’s season kicks off on Nov. 22, when they travel to Ohio to take on the Wilmington Quakers. Their first home game is at 5 p.m. Nov. 27 against Olivet College. 

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