Swimming and diving coach appointed athletic director by President Kerry Prather

By Taylor Wooten


Andrew Hendricks, head coach of both the men’s and women’s swimming and diving programs, will step into a new role as Franklin College’s director of athletics.

Hendricks has been part of the Franklin College community for 12 years. In addition to his role as a coach, he has served as coordinator of student employment, research analyst, director of institutional research and most recently as the acting vice president for admissions and financial aid. 

Hendricks was appointed to the role on May 8. He will take over the role formerly held by Kerry Prather, who became the college’s president in January.

Candidates were chosen based on an internal application led by a search committee. Current Faculty Athletic Representative Kerry Smith and incoming Faculty Athletic Representative Kim Eiler co-chaired the search committee. The committee made recommendations to Prather, who interviewed each candidate and selected Hendricks.

Hendricks said he applied quickly and eagerly, as he had been longing for the position as athletic director. He plans on pursuing projects involving facilities, branding, personnel, training for coaches and development for athletes in areas like mental health awareness.

“What I want to make sure is that we make value that creates demand,” Hendricks said. “That people want to come to Franklin College and become members of our athletic programs because it is attractive, because we produce winning programs, because we have outcomes that go outside the field of play in the pool or the court.”

Prather explained Hendricks’ success in athletics as well as the business, finance and admissions sides of the college made him fit for the job.

“It has a motivating effect, I think it has an inspirational effect,” Prather said. “So along with the fact that he’s obviously capable from an athletic background, I think there are personal aspects that he brings to the job that kind of jumped off the page for all of us who were part of the process.”

Hendricks will enter the new role as the COVID-19 pandemic continues and will be faced with the uncertainty regarding fall athletics.

“There’s so much unknown still, we don’t know even what the fall is going to look like between all the conversations that are going on between coaches, conferences, and the NCAA,” Hendricks said. “There’s so much that’s still up in the air, especially for fall sports.”

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