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Save The Date: Local company provides affordable, intimate weddings

Intimate Indiana Wedding Company offers couples chance to marry during pandemic

By Lacey Watt


After dating for a year and a half, Chad and Christina Romnie decided to hold a small ceremony in Indianapolis at Crown Hill Cemetery. After multiple attempts of trying to contact their original planner the day before their wedding, they reached out to the photographer they hired, Beth Waterman, for help.

Waterman hadn’t heard from the planner either but offered the couple a solution. She owns Intimate Indiana Wedding Company, which specializes in small weddings. Waterman was able to plan the Romnie’s wedding the next day, and they tied the knot later that night.

Christina Romnie said the company she originally hired never contacted Waterman and had a history of poor service in the past based on reviews, she said.

“To my surprise, and hers, they never booked with her and she hadn’t worked with that company in over two years due to unprofessional business transactions,” Christina Romnie said. “Talk about a bridal nightmare.”

In less than six hours, Waterman wrote the new wedding ceremony, officiated it, took the photos, and saved the Romnies’ wedding day.

She wrote vows specifically for the couple, and easily met them at their “rabbit hole” location for the ceremony in the cemetery, Chad Romnie said. He commended Waterman for bringing their wedding vision to life.

To have the Intimate Indiana Wedding Company take our thoughts and ideas, listen to us, and without hesitation, made everything perfect,” Chad Romnie said. “It was the perfect small ceremony full of laughs, love and friends.”

Waterman has been a photographer for more than 20 years and she’s specialized in wedding photography for the past 15 years. She loves helping other couples, like Chad and Christina Romnie, capture their special moment no matter the obstacle, Waterman said.

To help more couples, Waterman opened the Intimate Indiana Wedding Company venue in downtown Franklin Aug. 1. And she will soon add another venue on Meridian Street in downtown Indianapolis

starting Oct. 1.

“I love weddings,” Waterman said. “I’m a romantic, and it’s fun for me to be involved in someone’s biggest day.”

Intimate Indiana Wedding Company offers multiple packages for future brides and grooms to choose from, with prices ranging from $199 to $5,999. It also independently contracts with wedding vendors, so couples will work with just the wedding company. This allows the couple to have their big day without the added stress of hiring separate vendors for catering, music and photographry.

The “Elopement Packages” are the smallest options for weddings. This deal offers an intimate venue space at the Franklin location for the couple to say “I do.” The package also includes the officiant, a photo-op and a bottle of champagne to celebrate tying the knot. These packages are priced ranging from $199 to $499, Waterman said.

Waterman also does all-inclusive weddings, which is another option held at the Franklin venue that costs $999. It gives the couple a two-hour wedding, photographer, officiant, food, cake cutting and the couple’s first dance.

“It’s a really awesome option for the couples who want these couple of important moments but don’t want to spend the money,” Waterman said.

Bigger packages, also known as micro-weddings, offer similar services to a larger wedding. Couples get to pick the venue, tables and chairs, a DJ, decorations, catering, floral arrangements and more.

“It’s basically a complete wedding. Everything’s included in that package price,” Waterman said. “We built it to help COVID couples that have had to cut back on their guest count, but we also find it that not a lot of people want to have 100 guests now, so it makes sense to me. I was surprised they were going to be that popular, but they have taken off.”

This $5,999 package allows up to 50 guests to attend, and also has a photographer available for the full wedding, which lasts four hours. Several of her clients’ recently came to her after their weddings were postponed, canceled or needed to downsizing due to COVID-19-related crowd restrctions, Waterman said.

“[Couples] still want the experience,” Waterman said. “They still want to put on the gown, and be in front of their friends and family, but know they have to drastically cut back.”

Despite having to cut back, Intimate Indiana Wedding Company still creates weddings for couples so they never forget their special day.

“I hate to repeat myself, but Intimate Indiana Wedding Company saved my day and gave me one the best memories of my life,” Christina Romnie said. “It truly was one of the best days I have ever experienced, and I am so thankful I was able to work with them.”


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