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Franklin College awarded $1 million grant for digital fluency program

Lilly Endowment Inc. provides funding for college plan to expand technology in the classroom

The Franklin Staff


Franklin College will receive a $1 million grant from Lilly Endowment Inc. to support wider technology use and digital fluency on campus.

The college announced it received the grant in a press release Monday. The grant is part of a wider initiative by Lilly Endowment, “Charting the Future for Indiana’s Colleges and Universities,” meant to support Indiana’s 38 colleges and universities in addressing modern challenges.

“We are enormously grateful to Lilly Endowment for supporting our digital fluency initiative and the generous investment to ignite it,” Franklin College President Kerry Prather said in a statement.

The initiative began in October 2019 with a call for applications. Franklin College will follow three phases in developing projects with initiative funding. In December 2019, for example, the college was awarded $100,000 for the initial proposal. The college is currently in phase two, implementation, as it kickstarts the digital fluency program.

A third phase is forthcoming for large-scale proposals. The college noted in the press release it has submitted a concept paper for consideration to receive additional grants.

Prather said the technology will be used in each academic discipline at the college to better prepare students for the workforce.

“We are confident that digitally fluent, liberally educated graduates will have the comprehensive skill set to be leaders in the exploding tech sector of the economy,” Prather said.

Acting Vice President for Academic Affairs Kristin Flora also praised the initiative and the choice to move forward with a digital fluency program.

“We recognize this opportunity to expand the expertise and preparation of our students to meet the 21st century challenges for jobs yet to be created, for crises yet to arise and for problems yet to be solved,” Flora said.


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