Editors' Note | The future is unclear, but The Franklin strides ahead

The Franklin Co-Executive Editors Hope Shrum and Taylor Wooten pose for a photo inside Shirk Hall at Franklin College.

One fateful October Thursday evening brought both a Late Night snack from Parkhurst and news that sent campus into a spiral of rumors and fear.

The 15-case outbreak, found in a testing of 73 student-athletes, felt like the déjà vu for many students. The positive tests and contract tracing sent students home and into isolation and quarantine. All in-person activities at Franklin College were canceled for a week in order to mitigate the outbreak, which seemed to illustrate at the time a nearly 21% positivity rate.

Subsequent testing led to more information, and the college announced an 8% positivity rate Oct. 8 with double the sample size of the prior testing. President Kerry Prather also announced the expansion of surveillance testing to the non-athlete student population.

As we head into the winter, we are all bracing for new challenges. COVID-19

cases are on the rise throughout the nation, meaning we are approaching a holiday

season where family gatherings are potentially deadly. Election Day will have passed by

the time this issue is on stands, but election officials are unsure when results will be final.

While uncertainty looms, we are finding solace in what remains. The trees on campus have turned colors and dropped their leaves. Midterms have come and gone. We are heading into our second print issue while many of us feared we wouldn’t get a chance to publish our first.

Still on campus, still working, The Franklin continues to sift through the fog and cover stories that affect students most.

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