Senior Abrahm Hurt reflects on four years at Franklin College

By Abrahm Hurt

I never thought my senior year would end in my parents’ hot tub room. But here I am, finishing my senior competency exam in a makeshift office with my dog at my feet.

I didn’t really want to write this farewell. I still don’t, but I think it’s beneficial for me to reflect on my time at Franklin College.

I came to Franklin College because I wanted to be a journalist, and I still believe that FC produces some of the finest journalists in Indiana, but journalism isn’t my calling anymore.

After taking the immersion course during the second semester of my sophomore year, I discovered that I really didn’t want to be a journalist anymore. I still love journalism for what it provides, but I didn’t really have the heart to do it anymore.

For me, it was hard to see the immediate benefit that my writing was providing others. I would work on a piece and pour hours into understanding a new topic to have it published, but I didn’t know if anyone was actually reading my work or benefiting from it.

I knew my grandma was reading everything I put out but that thought alone wasn’t enough to keep me going.

After my sophomore year, I began exploring the idea of transferring to a different college. I’ve never really ever told anyone that- not even my parents.

I thought through it, and it really didn’t make sense for me to transfer especially since I only needed to take a few more courses to earn my degree in multimedia journalism.

Out of the blue, I decided to take a class in public relations with Ray Begovich so that I would have enough classes to be a full-time student. As a journalist, I knew it was almost a sin to cross over to the dark side, also known as public relations.

I really had no expectations going into public relations, but taking that class with Ray honestly kept me at Franklin College. Ray constantly pushed me to be a better writer and showed me a different way to tell stories.

Throughout college, I was involved with the Franklin on and off. I would get involved and drop off. I felt like I had to be a staff member because I was a journalism major.

I wish I would have taken advantage of the opportunities The Franklin provides FC students. Instead of looking at my involvement with The Franklin as a chore, I should have been looking at it as an opportunity.

This is the first year since my sophomore year that I have been involved with The Franklin for both semesters.

There were times that I hated it. Times I didn’t want to show up to deadline nights. Times where I got tired of editing stories I didn’t really care about.

At the same time, I met some of my best friends this year through my involvement with The Franklin. While deadline nights are always stressful, I found myself laughing and actually enjoying myself.

I wouldn’t have been able to make it through this year without Victoria Ratliff and Lacey Watt. We wasted a lot of time this year and did some stupid things, but I wouldn’t have had the fun I did this year in the newsroom without you guys.

As my time comes to an end at Franklin College, I would also like to thank John Krull for pushing me to choose FC, and Joel Cramer for making me smile and pushing me to be a better storyteller.

I won’t miss the spinning wheel of death popping up while I was working on a video for Joel, and I won’t miss the countless nights I spent in Shirk Hall thinking about how to finish an assignment.

I’ll miss the people that poured their knowledge and kindness into making me a better storyteller and pushing me to tell the stories that I wanted to tell.

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