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President Kerry Prather delivers a message to the student body Tuesday via the college's YouTube channel. He said he is excited to break the tedium of a campus without students. 

President Kerry Prather delivered a message to the student body Tuesday with zeal. 

“You have another month or so before you head back to your other home here at Franklin, and I suspect you’re starting to get excited about that prospect,” Prather said. “Summertime on campus is quiet and honestly a little boring without you here.” 

While most students will view the video from Hoosier soil, Prather said he wishes the best for students who have been interning and studying abroad in Spain, Brazil, Ghana and Italy.

Prather usually delivers his updates to the campus community standing in his office or in front of the Barnes Science Center, he briefed vacationing students this time while posing in front of the nearly completed Johnson Memorial Health Athletic Annex. 

He disclosed several projects the college has been working on during the summer, many of them pertaining to athletics. The new facility could spell a significant change for student athletes because it will feature a weight room, turf practice space and batting cages.

Baseball players will also receive a specially tailored welcome-home gift: McDowell field also has a new look with fine dirt, fresh grass and a new drainage system.

The athletic makeover will be complemented by the revamped Center for Technology and Innovation next door. Prather said this space needs only the “finishing touches” before it will be able to foster career and academic readiness and further technological achievement.

Residence life will look a bit different when students return. Hoover-Cline Hall now has new lounge furniture, paint and lighting. The college has also created a residence life association to allow students to more effectively influence decisions about campus living.

Prather did not indicate the cost of this summer’s renovations, but he did announce that the college finished the previous academic year with an unusually successful fundraising campaign, bolstering its pool of donor money by $9.1 million.

“This achievement expresses the impressive confidence from alumni and friends in you students, the education you receive here and the difference you will make in the world,” Prather said.

He said current students can thank the nearly 10,000 living alumni of the college for their contributions. 

Prather said that he looks forward to meeting new students during welcome week, during which he plans to be active. 

He and his wife will be co hosting a movie at the Historic Artcraft Theatre.

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